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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup: NEM's TCF, Pants Lizzing

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And now, this week's standout comments. Here's to you guys, for your insight, vein-bustiness, or just sheer grasp of punctuation. Remember, you can comment with your Facebook account now.

1) Rents Shaved by $200 "I'm sorry, wearing a hoodie in the summer is not 'cold.' It may not be your expectation of tank tops and flip flops and pool party, but it's not objectively 'cold.' The fact that the average building needs neither heating nor cooling at almost any time during the year at any time of day is phenomenonly rare globally. And it's also pretty unique for the Bay Area as well."

2) Monday PM Linkage "a) The preposterous claim that dog patch 'escaped' the boom is bullshit. There a scads of lofts all around dogpatch, for starters, and frankly, what the hell is wrong with that? It think loft architecture, though often a bit dull, is hell of better than the faux-referential crap that you see with most apt. complexes. b) the (previously commented upon in a) characterization of DP implied that my hod, the North East Mission) is somehow compromised. Also total bullshit. The NEM is in fact spades ahead of DP for TCF (total coolness factor), with more of everything that DP has only in 'small plates: -- great restaurants, lofts, fabulous Victorians, gritty old timers, artist's spaces, etc. And, we are closer to the action in the Mission. So, to the NYT: Fuck you and your fake 'knowingness.' To Dogpatch: you are my co-pilot."

3) Ask Curbed SF: Just How Bad Is Being Ellis Acted? "I would love a buyout! We've had friends get 10k to 30k depending upon how many were in the household at the time of buyout. That kind of money would enable us to get the hell out of SF and put a down payment on something in a more affordable area." To that: "Like Modesto or Stockton bro! Big ups, endless potential!! Ooh la la!!!"

4) It's an Emergency, OK? "I understand the need for preservation, but come on - even if it was not neglected it was a shitty little cottage that had no historical significance to the city, beyond the fact it was here a REALLY long time.

Let's not have preservation for preservation sake.

And hey! Neighbors, if you don't like it, chip in and buy it off them so you can all sleep well at night!"

5) Group Hug, Everyone: High-Rise Construction Over Forevs? "I'm sure the folks over at SF Bay Guardian are lizzing their pants over the idea of no more high rises being built.
I think that builders are right in their thinking that the high rise boom is pretty much over for now. But to say it will never happen again is stupid. I agree with Jason that there is (still) a market for those kinds of high priced condos and there are plenty of people who want to move to San Francisco who can pay those high prices."