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Embarcadero: Subject to Sea Level and Populist Uprisings

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Referencing three waterfront developments on or near the Embarcadero, the SFBG intones that a couple things are going to either hamper them, or just get everything really wet. Sue Hestor, land use attorney and favored Guardian quote-o-matic, says it's time for the people, not developers, to take back their right to decide what the waterfront should look like. So there's that. The other thing is an ominous report stating that the stretch of waterfront from the Bay Bridge to Pier 35 is supervulnerable to rising sea levels, which means the housing there could one day be underwater (H2O style, not mortgage style). The latest story revolves largely around the Hanging Gardens, or 110 The Embarcadero, which is both much taller than the area plan allows, and is slated to take over the historic building where the 1934 strike went down. Everything's up in the air then? We'll see what happens after Ms. Hestor's rally cry.
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