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San Franciscans Do Like New Buildings: Two of Them

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In a column welcoming visitors to this year's American Institute of Architects convention, John King of the Chron can count only two whole buildings that San Franciscans have welcomed with open arms: AT&T Park and the new California Academy of Sciences. And maybe the latter because its roof is "bosomy." The point was to debunk a myth that "San Franciscans hate everything new," though finding only two counterexamples seems only to reinforce it. Still, there's a lot to show the outsiders, and the column addresses our famously Victorian-infatuated city. (Architects, if you haven't noticed from our comments, aren't generally crazy about them.) So where does the innovation happen? SoMa, Mission Bay (maybe), and affordable housing. You'll have to hit the tours to see more, apparently.
· S.F. architecture myths debunked [SF Gate]

California Academy of Sciences

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