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Hayes Valley Sparks Romance in a Chinese Acura Ad

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At risk of OD'ing on video fun today— back in December, Hayes Valleyites spotted some filming in the tiny hood that could. The mystery shooting has finally borne fruit, in the form of a 10-minute-long Acura commercial starring Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau and a Hayes Valley love interest. The blossoming romance is sort of love triangle involving girl, guy, and his car, and takes place in a bizarro San Francisco where strangers greet each other in Chinese (outside of Chinatown). Opening scene: It's raining. Girl pokes guy's eyes out with her umbrella at Momi Toby's. Guy forgives her, borrows her second umbrella, then spends the next 10 minutes alternately pining for a reunion and hugging some wine country curves with his sweet suspension system. Hayes Valley, you never cease to charm. [via]