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Nonprofit Roxie Theatre Shows the Others How It's Done

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San Francisco has a bit of a spotty history with its theaters of yore: witness the water-treading Harding Theatre in Western Addition, North Beach's boarded-up Pagoda Theatre, the typo-plagued New Mission Theater in the Mission— well, there are the Calvin Klein underwear lofts at 560 Haight. The Roxie Theater in the Mission, though, is doing A-OK. An SF Examiner profile of the now-nonprofit theater talks of its transition from beleaguered and lights out to "a very good chance that we’ll be looking at a year of positive cash flow." The nonprofit status helps: the theater can apply for grants now, and people can claim tax deductions on donations to the Roxie, which means old-school theater heads can add another name to their charity list. Now, about those other theaters...
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[Photo: Flickr/BWChicago]