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Condogate: Still 85 Feet, After A Stay of Execution

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The New Mission Theater condos: a dead horse, yes, but an 85-foot dead horse. We won't even try to summarize everything that's led up to this; suffice to say that Supervisor David Campos set out to fix a typo that originally allowed the theater-abutting condos to rise to a controversial 85 feet— it was struck down last night by the Planning Commission following heated debate. Tempers flared, yes they did, making it perhaps one of the biggest commission mud fights in recent memory, with more than one finger-wagging commissioner angrily calling out developers (and their uppity lawyers) for making threats on the commission. But it's not even over. As one pointed out, this'll just go to the Board of Supes again, where they'll likely vote the height down to 65 feet again, serving it up nice and slow for a certain tall mayor to spike — hard. At the heart of the problem: "land use decision based on a typographical error" was in "bad faith," according to one side; and on the other, 85 feet was what the commission had wanted in the first place, and in fact may happen all along Mission anyway. Verdict? None yet, but we wait with bated breath and eyes rolled.
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New Mission Theater

2554 Mission Street, san francisco, ca