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Maybe Just Stay Put: Rents Down in SF All of 0.1 Percent

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Real or not, rent declines — reported earlier this month to be an average of 2.8 percent in the Bay Area — seem to be anecdotal at best. Here and there, someone will report having knocked off a couple hundred dollars from their monthly rent, while landlords unwilling to drop rent will dangle other goodies instead, like parking spaces or flat-screen TVs. A survey of large professionally managed apartment complexes in San Francisco showed an almost miniscule rent decline, according to the Chron: 0.1 percent. In other words, go trolling on Craigslist for a unit in a building with over 50 units, and you'll likely find prices more or less the same as last year's. Which, as it turns out, is not a very big help to people who find themselves with less money to throw around these days. Worse: "Darkening economic prospects are compelling some to live with more roommates, stay with their families, move to cheaper areas or even put off divorces." Harsh.
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