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Epic or Indie: Cass Calder Smith's Restaurant Designs

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A Chron profile for those of us who like a little side of architecture with our locally sourced organics reveals the man behind restaurant designs like La Mar Cebicheria Peruana on the Embarcadero, Lulu and Azie in SoMa, and Terzo and Lettus in the Marina. Cass Calder Smith compares his designs to movies— they're either epic or indie. Epic being Lulu and La Mar, and indie being Terzo. It all started with Lulu though: "It was insane. People were calling and asking me to design their kitchens or offices to look like Lulu. I instantly became known as a restaurant architect." Smith has a habit of doing a modern twist on wood and fire, those staples of that warm fuzzy lodge feeling... bear rug not included, obviously.
· Cass Calder Smith's cutting-edge restaurant design [SF Gate]