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Central Subway Arriving In: 9 Years

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D'oh! Central Subway made another charming misunderestimation— a report by the federal government marked an important endorsement of the SoMa to Chinatown transit line, but also ended up with two bigger numbers: 2018 as the finish date, rather than 2016, and a total cost of $1.58 billion, rather than the $1.3-ish billion originally forecast. Is this bad? Last month, the SF Appeal reported that the cost of managing the Central Subway project had been underestimated by $147 million, prompting perennial Central Subway haters to ask: uh, so what about your total-cost forecasts? Might they go off rail too? Not to worry, said spokesman Judson True at the time: "We are doing everything we can to prevent that from happening again." C'est la vie.
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