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Height Choppers Eye the Twisty Cylinder

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The twisty cylinder condos proposed next door to the Transamerica Pyramid were getting muted opposition last time we checked in, but today's front page Chron story gives the opposed a little more voice. 'Course, for a building that's supposed to end up at 390 feet tall, compared to the pyramid's 853 feet, the fight over this one is nothing (just give it time). Yet, the hurdles are many: the building's not only almost twice as tall as allowed, it requires the take-down of a perhaps historic 1930 building that served as the home of California Ink Co. (Remember them??) And, lest we forget the shadows, the tower would cast them all over two downtown parks. So, to sum up, developer Andrew Segal's going to have to get this thing past the Rec & Park Commission, the newly created Historic Preservation Commission, the Planning Commission, and finally the Board of Supes. Godspeed, twisty cylinder.
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