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Group Hug, Everyone: High-Rise Construction Over Forevs?

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At a pow wow yesterday in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, builders and other industry types worried out loud over the future of high-rise construction in San Francisco. The fear is that even after the economy recovers (and will it ever!), lenders might never again play Monopoly money with their loans, taking on, say, 80 percent of the risk and allowing builders to go buck wild. In fact, said one developer, "you'll never see two towers again," adding: "It's the death knell for residential development." The Chron story references the Infinity and One Rincon Hill — 'course, unlike the former, One Rincon Hill never actually built its second tower. Just to pile on, mid-sized condo projects could also be facing troubles ahead — while single-family homes might start looking better and better. Everyone pack up, we're headed for the 'burbs!
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