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Market/Buchanan Gets Pause for Thinkage

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Well that was a bust. 1960 Market St— and all 85 of its hulking, glassy, light-blocking feet— went to the Planning Commission yesterday and came out with nothing more than a continuance to a month from now, pending further consensus on the project. Developer Brian Spiers (you may also know him as the owner of Saitowitz-designed Conduit in the Mission) spoke on behalf of his baby; the native San Franciscan wanted an "iconic, interesting" building, and at the moment they're shooting for a LEED Silver merit badge. Supporters spoke on the need for infill and the nice design of the building, opponents spoke on the light blockage and the gag-inducing design, and the softer NIMBYs asked for just a little more massaging to get everything right. Long story short, the Planning Department wants Spiers to cut parking down to 1 space per 2 units, as per the Market & Octavia Plan, and someone on the commission is tired of comparisons to the LGBT building, because that building is totally butt ugly too. Well then.
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