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To Hell With It: Increase Height All Along Mission?

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What started out as 20 extra feet for condos at the site of New Mission Theater and neighboring Giant Value has turned into a veritable soul search for the corridor. In essence: should they, or should they not, allow the rest of the street to set height restrictions at 85 feet, rather than the current 65? (Guesses on where Gus stands on this?) A tough question indeed, according to Ken Light, who Mission Loc@l says is the guy who originally made the typo that gave those condos extra height. Proponents of a height increase say it'll provide more room for affordable housing; opponents say height increases would increase land value, thus making it harder for the city to buy land for affordable housing. See? It's all about affordable housing. Well, and there's also worry about pushing businesses out. But wait: maybe "lots of crappy businesses have to go" anyway? Think hard, guys. Think hard, and think well.
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