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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup

And now, this week's standout comments. Here's to you guys, for your insight, vein-bustiness, or just sheer grasp of punctuation. Remember, you can comment with your Facebook account now.

First up, a bonus award to new commenter OsamaBenLandLord, whose bio professes a commitment to "converting as many SF apts to TICs as possible." Best handle ever.

1) Pitchforks Out: Market/Buchanan Building Is a "Monster": "Despite what some say on this site, the Planning Department does encourage contemporary design. However, often a very vocal minority (see Rob Anderson) tries to hinder this effort. The Department also deals with cheep, unimaginative developers who are only out to make a quick profit. If the commenters on this site are truly interested in seeing a project like this get built, they should come out in mass to the Planning Commission hearing to voice thier support for this project. Sign a petition, send letters and make phone calls to the project planner."

2) Sarcasm overload in Glass Destiny for Market and Page: "OMG I thought I was looking at a picture of the North Pole, because that building is so cold!"

3) Making Its Way to Potrero Hill: 400-Unit Daggett Place: "Regarding tinted glass, the 888 7th street condos have said colored tinted glass and it looks awful. Then again they live across from Sunset Scavenger and the empty Greyhound station, so perhaps looking thru the 'rose colored glasses' effect helps with that view."

4) Wednesday PM Linkage: Food Edition: "Where I grew up (the deep South), the local Farmer's Market was a seasonal affair in a long open building with a corrugated metal roof. ... The abundance of taste at a pittance of a price was plainly overwhelming. Tomatoes were stacked on top of one another till they bled their juices in a stream running to the floor drain; flowers in bunches thicker than the beefy legs of the farm ladies who sold them. For a few bucks, you had provisions for the week. So how now, Metreon, my formerly shiny and virginal darling? After years of decline, dementia and sinful sliding, can you regain some color in those neon cheeks with a few stalls of heirloom tomatoes that cost more per pound than my Smart Car? I wait breathless and full of hope, which springs eternal. Sort of like Farmer's Markets these days." Bonus points for comparing Curbed to New Yorker. Ass-kissing: accomplished.

5) Curbed Goes Into the BL?: "There is no security, no gym, no pool, no real common area and no way to justify that HOA. Simple. I toured the Penthouses. Except for the most expensive unit in the building $2.9 which had downtown views and a fabulous open kitchen (picture above) with Twin Peaks views, the rest of the units were very average. ... The little glass enclosures on the roof were mildy amusing, yet impractical and simply give you acces to see all of the HVAC equipment. I would take that Penthouse for about $1.5 and feel like I did okay, but at $2mm plus, it's a joke."