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Making Its Way to Potrero Hill: 400-Unit Daggett Place

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Daggett Place (nice name, right?) has been percolating for quite some time now— its last mention around these parts being over two years ago. Today, the mixed-use project sandwiched between Mission Bay and Potrero Hill reawakens as its environmental impact report goes to the Planning Commission. Comprised of at least 400 rental units, a restaurant, stores and light-industrial space, the David Baker/Stanley Saitowitz design features a park that cuts horizontally across the triangular plot, plus a corner park where Hubbell and 16th meet. Says Baker on the design: "We do our own form of modern contextualism — we have urban typologies that match local typologies. We don’t mimic." And then the obligatory spitball, courtesy one Coalition to Save Potrero: "What they’re doing is more of a cookie-cutter design." Cookie-cutter typology probably would have sounded smarter.
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