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Smackdown in Potrero Hill: Live/Work Lofts Told to Get In Line

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A tale of shenanigans that would make the New Mission Theater condos blush: the SF Appeal has the story on 1250 Missouri, a Potrero Hill project that was awarded a permit back in 2001 for retail construction pushing "bulky merchandise." Then, due to some mysterious errors (those again!), revisions to the plans to turn them into live/work loftsbanned, if you'll recall— never went to the right people, and like totally all of a sudden, bathtubs, toilets, and kitchen sinks were going into the bulky merchandise building. Curiouser and curiouser, you say. Well, it all hit the fan yesterday at a hearing, when one supe wondered, "How the HELLZ was this allowed to happen?" ("Hellz" added for emphasis.) Could be the fact that the project engineer was one Rodrigo Santos, former head of the Building Inspection Commission. Not to suggest that a little gaming of the system was occurring or anything. Long story short: if the developers don't make amends pronto, the city won't allow the building to be sold as condos— which means a big empty $9 million block full of bathtubs. Don't cross the Planning Department, kids.
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