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Pricing at the Millennium

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Despite the Millennium's views, pilates room, and the exclusive access to Michael Mina's RN74 food, there was a bit of grumbling Thursday about lame washer/dryers and inadequate sound insulation. Others thought it was quite nice, but we're also reminded it's right next to the Transbay Terminal. Hey, that'll eventually be a good thing, no? Anyway, rather than play PriceSpotter with the tower, we've got some starting prices. Your run-of-the mill Residences start at $600K, lofts ("City Residences") at $1.3M, and Grand Residences at $1.568 million. Now where'd we put that subprime loan... [Curbed Inbox]

Millennium Tower

301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website