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Snapped SF: Trans-Time Images of the Distant Past

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Curbed has been indulging in some vintage SF photos recently, first the Transamerica Pyramid being built, and yesterday a link to a slew of old snaps. This flier at Gough and Grove, however, takes the cake (and look how many people took the number!): "TIME TRAVEL might seem a science fiction fantasy, but TIME CAMERAS have been a reality for several decades The Radionic Camera developed in the 1960s by OCTAVIO COLEMAN was capable of imaging the past and the future, and he published photographs demonstrating the effect. In the opinion of Coleman, 'Time is a vector of the magnetic spectrum and that spectrum has a place in itself for events. There is a pre-physical world in which the camera might be expected to operate.' " Time Camera! Show us Curbed's lost archives! And the next SuperLotto numbers, please. [Curbed Inbox]