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Power Failure, II: Club Is Too Sexy for Office Building

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The resurrection of previously shuttered Power Exchange at 44 Gough St, according to Mission Loc@l, got more than a few neighbors in a tizzy just a week or so ago. Seems residents were alerted when flyers appeared on doors reading, "Did you know that a large sex club is opening in your neighborhood?" Good times, right? The community wasn't having it, however; past experience with the sex club had proven to be a bit nasty: condoms littering the streets, public sex, drugs, and the crazies out in full force, say neighbors. And according to records, two-thirds of police calls made nearby while Power Exchange was still open were made during its operating hours. Long story short: the club, which was supposed to reopen April 2, was busted for quietly trying to use an office-zoned building for some not-so-officey activities. And then their lease was terminated. Rain check?
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