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Pitchforks Out: Market/Buchanan Building Is a "Monster"

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Too easy: the backlash has begun on 1960 Market, Arquitectonica's gleaming greenhouse design on Market and Buchanan. You said: "i'll be surprised if this gets built as pictured. looks awesome but i'm sure it'll get dumbed down to a milquetoast 'victorian' design." 'Scuse us while we look up "milquetoast." District 5 crusader Rob Anderson says: "The thing is higher and glaringly incompatible with everything behind it, i.e., old victorian houses and apartment buildings in edwardian/deco styles." And the urgent call to action! "This new glass sheet will drastically alter the character of our neighborhood and will obstruct views of and from the Federal Mint. ... We understand and support the city's need to create new housing. We are simply asking for a reduction in bulk/height of the proposed project to preserve liveability and enjoyment of our residences and the neighborhood." A prayer or two to the gods of height choppage couldn't hurt either.
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