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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup: Butch Arrested Development

And now, this week's standout comments. Here's to you guys, for your insight, vein-bustiness, or just sheer grasp of punctuation. Remember, you can comment with your Facebook account now.

1) PriceChopper: Mission TIC Priced for IKEA Fans: "3 Baths? Seriously, what is up with this trend? Do all the members of the house really need to do their business at the same time? I don't need that many baths. I need more closets; office spaces; sewing rooms. So many other things to do with all that space!"

2) Storefronting: SoMa Welcomes Boldly Colored Yetis of Gama-Go: "i love gamma go! they're like hello kitty for the butch arrested development set - like me. i have a drunken squirrel wallet that all my friends covet. wheninsf"

3) Dear President Obama: Please Smite Down This Museum: "Rescue the United States from its worst economy since the Great Depression. Extract the country from a messy and protracted war in Iraq. Insert the country into a messy and protracted war in Afghanistan. Save the Earth from global warming. Rid the planet of nuclear missiles. Replace the members of the Presidio Trust. If I were Obama, I'd choose the easy one to do first: rid the planet of nuclear missiles."

4) Haters Say: CAMP Will Still Ruin Everything: "... I would love to see Andy Warhol booed off the Presidio stage by an unearthly combo of emo mission hipsters and ancient Presidio neighbors whose only common denominator aside from this controversy is their collective fate, which sadly points to Colma and not the Presidio pet cemetery."

5) Seasons of Pain Ahead for Rentals: "Falling rents mean less pain, not more. Let's hope rents plummet. It would only help boost the local economy by freeing up money that people could spend elsewhere, invest, or god forbid, save for retirement.

And 'worse off than New York,' now that's funny. Even at the peak of the rental market, the same budget will get you a much nicer place in SF than in NY. SF's better off too with stronger and less dysfunctional stabilization laws."