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Dear Supe Campos: Let Tall Condos Be Tall Condos

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A couple weeks ago, a Chron reporter noticed Mission-area Supervisor David Campos sneaking words into cleanup legislation that would have fixed— or "fixed"— once and for all the too-tall condos at New Mission Theater. The typo that accidentally allowed the condos to be 85 feet accidentally sailed through the Board of Supes, then they tried to fix it, but the mayor vetoed their fix. Third time's the charm? As the new legislation percolates through the system, we thought we'd share a letter to Campos written by the a Missionite:

Supervisor Campos- As a resident of your district, I am writing to you to register my profound anger over your attempt to circumvent a Mayoral veto regarding the height limitation for a new condominium building to be built a few blocks from my home.

Due to a typo, (that apparently everyone on The Board seemed to have missed) a new building on Mission St. was granted an 85' foot height limit. This new building would not be out of place since it's very close to the former Bay View Bank building, which is significantly taller. Since it's discovery, you and the rest of The Board have attempted to rectify your mistake. Your first attempt was vetoed and I agree with The Mayor's decision. If the document was not read and you voted in favor of it, then you are the one who made a mistake and need to let it go. As a college student, if I were to not study for a test and then fail, I would not expect a second chance to take that test. You have failed the test and this should be a lesson to read BEFORE voting. Trying to insert a rider on a clean-up legislation is is both insulting and childish. You lost. Please focus your attention on more pressing matters, such as crime and blight, which has come to typify The Mission.

In this economy, we both know that any new construction is a gift horse that should not be looked in the mouth. Please take the educated approach and stop trying to torpedo a badly needed new building. Your constituents will thank you when they see new homes, less vacant buildings and a bustling Mission Street in their future. I know I will.

Or will you? Does the arc of history bend toward justice, and proper height limitations? Stay tuned as the riveting drama unfolds, ever so slowly.
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