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Comment on Curbed with Facebook Connect!

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For the irredeemable Facebook addicts out there— you can now comment on Curbed using your Facebook account. Click the Connect with Facebook button below each Curbed post, and you'll get a pop-up window asking if you want to link your Curbed commenter identity with your Facebook account. Approve the request, and you're good to go.

A few particulars:

1) Your real name (as it appears on your Facebook profile) will appear on comments made on Curbed through Facebook Connect.
2) You'll have full control over whether you want the comments you make on Curbed fed into your Facebook newsfeed.
3) If you're logged into Facebook in the same browser you're using to read Curbed, you'll be auto-logged into comment once you've linked your Curbed commenter identity with Facebook Connect.
4) You're still welcome to use your homegrown Curbed commenter account, or to login to comment as a guest, though we're giving some thought to turning off the guest option in the near or semi-near future.
5) If you've already signed up for a Curbed commenter account, using Facebook Connect will create a new, separate commenter account. There's no way for us to merge the two accounts, so if you're happy with your current setup/avatar/username/etc, probably best to ignore this whole Facebook thing.

Also, while you're at it, you may as well follow us on Twitter. Let's be friends forevs!!!