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Change of Plans at Massive Trinity Project?

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A reader sent this public notice in, Spidey Sense all atingle over possible "shenanigans" over at Trinity Place. Which, by the way, the notice calls Trinity Plaza. Confused, would we? Isn't Trinity Plaza the current apartment complex on Market and 8th, and Trinity Place the giant project meant to replace it? The project's own website would seem to suggest that. But we digress. Last year, developer Angelo Sangiacomo was all pretend boo hoo over "paying all cash" to build a high-rise full of $500 to $700 rental units. Now, with an apparent application to amend construction phasing and "restate and designate the below market rate requirement," maybe that pretend boo hoo is turning into some real woe is me. But unless anyone's got the inside scoop on this, we probably won't know what's really going on until the hearing in a couple of weeks.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA