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On the Market: Underwear Loft Chic in the Lower Haight

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You normally think of these "chic" "New York"-style lofts as SoMa/South Beach creations, but here comes "Lifestyle 201" at 560 Haight St (sheesh, even the unit has a name), with all the New Yorkiness you can handle. It's 2-bed, 2-bath, and at $949,000, you're paying $576 per for its 1,649 square feet. There's a private deck and TWO fireplaces. And when they say it's the "most well-appointed unit in the building," they're probably referring to the Calvin Klein underwear model you get with one of your bathrooms. We're thinking Christian Bale circa "American Psycho" would totally dig it.
· 560 Haight St #201 [Redfin]