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More Renderporn: Metreon's Lighter Brighter Future

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We've got a few more renderings of SoMa's new old belle of the ball. When the Metreon reawakens Sony-less as a restaurant-centered mall thing, its main entrance will be the mid-block one on 4th Street, and the corner one on Mission will be closed. The current food court will morph into a "visually inviting dining terrace that overlooks and spills out into the Gardens." A 10- to 14-foot-tall sculpture will be installed at 4th and Howard. Ground-floor restaurants, as noted before, will face outward. Overall the whole box should be "lighter and brighter ... with a more synergistic relationship with Yerba Buena Gardens." And lest we forget: Tavern on the Green will seat 130 people, with terrace dining for 300, plus piano bar and lounge area. Be still, our beating hearts.
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The Metreon

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