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Chris Daly's Rent Laws: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh

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As we discussed yesterday, Supe Chris Daly's proposing three new laws that would mitigate rent increases in one way or another, supposedly helping tenants who are already hanging on for dear life. We'll save you a repeat of what they all are exactly; suffice to say they will cap rent hikes in various and sundry situations. The Chron caught some reaction about town:

Housing Rights Committee of SF: "So many tenants are already living on the edge in terms of their housing being even remotely affordable. They are paying 70, 80 percent of their income already. ... If the rent keeps getting higher and higher ... they are going to be forced to leave their homes."
SF Apartments Association: "You can't impose public policy on private owners. ... Shouldn't there be some public subsidy?"
And finally, mayoral spokesdude Nathan Ballard: "Renters deserve relief, too, and these are interesting ideas that are worth looking at. But some of the ideas seem a little far-fetched." Ah, supportive but noncommittal. Well played.
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