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Rent Reduction Redux: A Little More, Please, Landlords

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"Too little, too late," says Beyond Chron to yesterday's oh so exciting story about the citywide $200 rent drop. Yes, it's true that rents are down — most anyone who trolls Craigslist can see that. Indeed, "the trickle-down effect of cheaper home prices has meant lower rents." (Whoa, did Beyond Chron just cite the "trickle-down effect"?) But what good is $200 off, they ask, if prospective tenants don't even have jobs? Not much: "the very definition of 'trickle-down economics' is that those at the bottom are the last to benefit." 'Course, judging by some of our own commenters, the dip in rates seems just enough to justify a gleeful move, away from "rent control neighbors" and toward that brand new apartment smell — so maybe that free yoga's enough to get our broke-ass minds off our collective joblessness after all? ... No? Fair enough.
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[Image via Flickr user mmechtley]