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Goodbye Parking Lots: Central Freeway Land to Go

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Yesterday a number of publications reported on the forthcoming sale of old Central Freeway land — lots that would go toward housing construction and net the city a solid $35 million for transpo investment and some affordable housing development. Well, the vote on the land-sale legislation was postponed another month so the Mayor's Office could set the minimum price on the seven parcels: 80 percent of appraised value, just to be certain we don't accidentally put prime real estate in the bargain bin. The total appraised value is about $25.1 million, and the parcels are the NE corner of Fulton and Gough, NW corner of Grove and Gough, the north side of Hayes between Gough and Octavia, Octavia between Fell and Linden, and three parcels of Octavia between Oak and Rose. If and when the lots get sold, they could be looking at up to 1,000 new housing units total. Meanwhile, we're digging the gentle curve of that freeway land.
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