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Rincon Hill Aching for Extensions on Construction

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Remember The Californian on Rincon Hill? The 393-unit luxury condo tower at 375-399 Fremont St. went into fail mode in October 2007 — the SF Business Times reported that the parcel had been put on the block by developer Fifield (but the deal fell through and they'd since spoken to several more builders). And then silence. Well, these projects only have an 18-month window to get their asses in gear and get rebar up, even if their building entitlements technically aren't automatically revoked. Revoking takes some active doing by the Planning Commission, and now the commission's apparently getting ready for some house cleaning. Last Thursday, they voted to put into process some hearings of revocation that would either keep struggling projects on life support, or kill their entitlements once and for all. Fifield, we hear, is not happy. Their entitlement expires later this year, and so does the one for its neighbor at 340 Fremont. At least they still have a chance — Turnberry Tower at 45 Lansing expired earlier this month already. Ouch.
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