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Rent Check: 42" Flat Screen, Tanning Bed Seal the Deal

So what kinds of carrots are large apartment complexes dangling in front of prospective renters these days anyway? Check this 2-bedroom apartment with two master suites at 2000 Post in Lower Pac Heights. Going for $2,503 a month, unit 256 includes a remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, plus typical amenities like garage parking, a lap pool, and a spa. But they also throw in: a 42" HDTV, free yoga classes three times a week, and free DVD rentals. In yo' face, Netflix. Then again, there's also a tanning salon, which tells us this is the kind of place that probably had all that stuff to begin with.
· Dual Master Suites - 42" Flat Screen HDTV included! [Craigslist]