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Ask Curbed SF: Digging for Planning Docs

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In need of guidance, oh wayward one? Turn to the oracle that is the Ask Curbed SF inbox. We'll burden the masses with your problems, and they, our all-knowing readers, will command thee.

Here's a question for those of you who like to go spelunking in the bat cave that is (we know you're out there):

SF publishes files for Planning cases such as mitigated negative declarations (example). But without a direct link to the file, I can’t seem to find an index or database of what documents are available for what projects. Is there a link to a Planning or other page that helps locate these documents? Hopefully this will be helpful for other readers as well.If you're still following, we're in good shape. Actually, the Planning Department's Major Environmental Analysis page on general projects has white papers on some of the city's more noteable projects, from Vis Valley's redevelopment to the Exploratorium's relocation to the Embarcadero. Where to go for smaller projects, though? Tips, spelunkers?
· MEA - General Project CEQA Documents [SF Gov]