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Big Shiny Building Hitting Eddy & Taylor, Gro-Sto or Not

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Approved: the 14-story, 153-unit affordable-housing building at Eddy and Taylor, perhaps the future home of the only full-service grocery store that the Tenderloin has a chance of getting. The project, which is being built by the nonprofit Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, had no shortage of fans at last night's Planning Commission meeting. With everyone chomping at the bit to make sweet love to architect David Baker's blue and green renderings, the only concern was that the building would cast some shadows on nearby Boeddeker Park. Moving on, however, one commissioner called it "truly pathetic" that the TL hasn't a single grocery store, while one very down on his luck man pleaded for a place to buy the "fresh vegetables that I don't like." Note that while the building will have bike parking, there will be zero car parking (transit-oriented FTW!) — and that grocer? "We've had 50 grocers say no to us," and "we cannot say that we will be successful" in putting in a gro-sto. Perhaps, as one commish sort of suggested, they should try dragging Safeway there in a headlock.
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