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A Tweak for Trinity, But "Nice" Studios Are Still Studios

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Still high off approving a family-oriented building in the Tenderloin, the Planning Commission smacked down last night's other "transformative" project, Trinity Place Plaza Whatever in the Civic Center — advising against the mysterious redesignation they sought of the below-market-rate requirement. It turns out Trinity was seeking a flip in the requirement, allowing them to make more of their BMRs studios, rather than one-bedroom units. To follow planning code, Phase I — which is reaching striking distance of Soma Grand's roof as we speak — would need 10 one-bedrooms and two studios to be below market rate. (Sidenote: 360 of the total of 440 are "voluntary" rent-controlled, with rates transferred over at $600, give or take, from the existing Trinity apartments.) But with most of the building studios, they'd have to dig deeper to let 10 of its non-rent-controlled one-bedrooms go cheap. With us still? Rather, they wanted it 10 studios and 2 one-bedrooms, since these studios, they insisted, are super nice. Like, for serious nice.

Actually, several of the planning commissioners agreed— at 460 square feet, one compared them to junior bedrooms, and a couple others wished they could have a unit for themselves. Verdict, though? Nope. It just wouldn't be right. But other amendments that sailed through: the term of the construction agreement shall be extended from 15 to 20 years since "we're in the worst crisis since 1929," and the podium/parking garage, upon which the open courtyard will rest, will be built all at once, rather than in phases. Final nugget of fun: Sangiacomo plans to jump on Phase II, the $200 million Market Street-facing portion with 550 units, as soon as Phase I is done (occupancy planned for Jan/Feb of next year). Phew! The list of amendments goes to the Board of Supes next.
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Trinity Place

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