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A Little Street Closure to Whet the Castro's Appetite

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Streetsblog reports on a pedestrian-power street closure that looks like it's actually going to happen: a small portion of 17th, where it meets Market Street at the Chevron station. Sounds like just a bit of toe dipping at the moment, but a multi-agency effort involving the Department of Public Works, the Castro Street Community Benefit District, and others may bear fruit by May. "The approach we’re taking here is to try it. If it’s great, it will be great," says the Department of Public Works director. "If not, we’ll take it out." And by take it out, they perhaps mean send all the new street furniture back to the salvage yard, because that's where they'll be reclaiming all the planters and other goodies from. A point or two of note: the Chevron agreed to lose a driveway for the project, but the only skeptics so far seem to be locals who worry that vagrants will ruin all the fun.
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