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Lights Off for FiDi Redux: David Chiu Resurrects Killed Idea

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Turns out Aaron Peskin's failed plan to gently nudge downtown buildings to turn their lights off at night was actually new pres David Chiu's idea. He's taking credit for it anyway, just as he reintroduces the idea. Back in March of last year, the proposed mandate would have been enforced with ever-increasing fines on repeat offenders, plus automatic shut-off devices. Then, naturally, the plan died under opposition from the Building Owners and Managers Association. But Earth Hour (there's an Earth Hour now?) is nigh, and it's time for the city to flash its green badge. Cue reintroduction of the nighttime lights-off plan: this time, punishment would be delayed for a year pending information collected on energy use in the city's large buildings — and whether they already have conservation measures in place. Buildings without best beware... no doubt Chiu's got his finger on Captain Planet's speed dial.
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