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CurbedWire: Green Cities, Blog Brawl, Google Palace

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SOMA: An all-day green cities conference, "Scaling Up: From Green Buildings to Green Cities in the U.S. and China," on May 1 in the PG&E Auditorium, will talk green building and include some SF names, like Jeff Heller of Heller Manus Architects, and maybe even the Gav, for some green-burnishing face time. Check it at Asia Society Northern California. [Curbed Inbox]

SF: Local real estate blog finds themselves in a "blog brawl" with like-minded sites around the country, and wants badly for to eat it. If you know and love them, show your San Francisco spirit and vote (for them). Says a very serious broker commenter: "if you *truly* want to measure the success of a real estate blog, look at commissions generated. Hits and 'time spent' mean nothing if the blog doesn’t generate leads that *convert* to closed transactions." Convert!!! National Blog Brawl Round II. [The Front Steps]

PALO ALTO: Google god Larry Page wants to erect a 6,000 square foot eco-palace next to his current $7 million home. Apparently Palo Alto won't just allow him to combine the two (renewable energy) lots into one mega (sustainable) house, but he can link them with a nice (eco-friendly) swimming pool or (solar-powered) tennis court. [Palo Alto Weekly, via On the Block]