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333 Harrison Approved, Next Cycle Has Developers Drooling

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333 Harrison, the new 308-unit Emerald Fund project we just wrote about, was approved by the Planning Commission last night. What's more, it gets some ink in this week's SF Business Times. An article about the veritable "flurry of entitlement activity" of late lists the project as one of a handful that's hoping to push through its entitlement now to "take advantage of the next cycle." The park that one Bridgeview Towers resident complained would be lost to the development will, in fact, happen— just in a different place smaller. Caltrans, which currently uses 333 Harrison as staging for Bay Bridge construction, will donate a site on Bryant and Beale, as well as another on the Harrison Street side of the site. There you have it: crisis slightly averted. Other new projects listed in the story: 113 units at 430 Main St, by Portland-Pacific (see Jamie's shadow fight); 84 units at 178 Townsend and 179 units at 2235 Third, by Martin Building. Yay, next cycle!
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