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Ask Curbed SF: Compare and Contrast at Oriental Warehouse

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This week's question comes via a devotee of Curbed NYC, who appears to be moving to our fair city. Naturally, he's looking at lofts, in particular at Oriental Warehouse in "SoBe." But more specifically, he's asking for the keen hive mind of Curbed SF readers to help him compare two listings: 1) a 1,259-square-foot unit going for $995,000 and 2) an 1,885-square-foot unit going for $1,695,000. Seems like a big difference, buddy, but OK. Both are 2-bed, 2-baths. No. 1 is on the top floor with two skylights, while No. 2 is "the marquee unit in one of the most dramatic loft conversion buildings" in San Francisco. Verdict?
· 650 Delancey St #416 [MLS]
· 650 Delancey St #112 [MLS]