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Rumblings & Bumblings: Kezar Stadium in Trouble?

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GOLDEN GATE PARK: Times are tough at the Rec and Park Department, which has to get slash-happy all over its budget. A reader points us toward a potential sort-of casualty: Kezar Stadium, whose stately columns are surely the only thing keeping the sky from collapsing all over San Francisco. A barebones website at warns ominously that "Kezar Stadium ... will officially close to the public on May 1st and be sold off privately." Still, the Rec and Park Dept. insists on their website— in even bigger letters, so it must be true— that "all parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, pools, golf courses, gyms, art centers, senior centers and clubhouses will remain open." One more clue: Kezar's recreational director says, "There has [sic] been discussions about charging the public to use the track and field at Kezar." How about getting Verizon to slap their name on it? [Curbed Inbox]

[Photo by Flickr user crazbabe21]

Kezar Stadium

600 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA 94117