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Hot Tip: "Park" Is Just Developer-Speak for Housing

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Rincon Hill and its newest neighborhood activist Jamie are looking pretty busy these days. No sooner had Jamie's petition against 430 Main St. gone up than a new project begging for some push-back reared its money-grubbing head. The latest is Emerald Fund's 333 Harrison, a seven-story, 308-unit residential development that looks positively squat planted in the shadows of One Rincon Hill and Bridgeview Towers (400 Beale St). But the problem isn't with height or shadows this time. In a letter written to the Planning Department, a Bridgeview resident airs her grievance thusly:

At the time the Bridgeview units were being sold, Emerald Fund owned both the 400 Beale and 333 Harrison parcels. Emerald Fund represented through their agents to prospective buyers of Bridgeview condos that the 333 Harrison parcel would be developed solely as a park and not have commercial development. ... Not only was Emerald Fund’s representation false, but also now Emerald Fund wants to be the one to go out and breach their own representation by building there.And so on and so forth. Reneging on a promise... tsk tsk.
· Planning Commission Meeting at 1:30 PM on Thursday re: 333 Harrison Street [Rincon Hill SF]
[Rendering/design by David Baker + Partners Architects]

Bridgeview Tower

400 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105