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The Race Is On for First and Folsom

The three developer hopefuls of the 550-foot tower on 1st and Folsom have been chosen, and they're the same as when we last heard: AvalonBay with Bridge Housing, Golub Real Estate with Mercy Housing, and Avant with Citizens Housing. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's expected to hand them their invites today, with pomp and circumstance and ribbons we hope, to submit detailed proposals to build up Block 8, a lot freed up by the removal of the Embarcadero Freeway. Plans are meant to include the one 550-foot tower, plus two shorter buildings with affordable housing. When's all said and done, there will be 600 new units of housing— which, by the way, will be built by Webcor and Japanese company Obayashi will not be built by Webcor and Obayashi— they're building the Transbay Transit Center itself, as announced last week. The sale of the land will help fund the $4 billion-ish Transbay Terminal, which will need every penny it can scrounge up.
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