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Curbed Inside: The Strata at Mission Bay

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye toward revealing its design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed SF to consider, no matter its kind or condition, give us a holler.

Check out one of the last large-scale residential buildings in San Francisco to come online for a while: the Strata at Mission Bay, 192 units of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments and townhomes. The luxury dwellings soft-launched this past weekend with a couple listings on Craigslist, and Curbed stopped by for a looksee. The site, at 555 Mission Rock (an address so new it's not even reflected accurately in Google Maps yet), is kitty-corner from Seawall Lot 337, future home of a giant park and pedestrian promenade. For now, though, it's a pretty lonely place to be, with nothing around but Radiance across the street. There'll be ground-floor retail, but curiously the stores are sited on 4th Street, away from the T-Line and toward, at the moment, an empty lot. Units range from 650 square feet to 1,250. Listings on Craigslist at the moment have $2,970 for a 2-bedroom, and $2,093 and $2,318 for 1-bedrooms. Some of the Strata's perks: free wifi for all residents, clubhouse, theater, conference room, "business center," gym, and a bocce ball court (!!). Sections of the building are named after San Francisco neighborhoods, so if you've ever wanted to be able to say you live in the Haight, without actually living in the Haight, now's your chance!
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Mission Rock

Pier 50, , CA 94158