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Rent Check: The Argenta, Post-Rental Metamorphosis

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And now the city's other luxury apartment soft launch: the Argenta at 1 Polk St, an "architecturally significant new development" with 179 units and 20 stories. In fall of last year, Anka Development took the condos rental— soon after, they decided to unload the building entirely. But failed! And then brought in Riverstone Residential to manage the property. Without further ado: a 1-bedroom, 1-bath with 608 square feet and no parking space goes for... (drumroll, please): $2,250 a month. If you're willing to split with that kind of cash, be forewarned: the windows aren't actually multihued. Sadness. UPDATE: There's also a $3,800/mo 2-bedroom ad.

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Argenta Apartment Homes

1 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102