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Trial by Blog: Chasing Gus Murad, Habitual Lucky Guy

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Last week, the Mission Antidisplacement Coalition put out an APB on Gus Murad, owner of Medjool and the Elements hostel, saying "enquiring minds want to know" what's going on with his alleged rule-breaking. Well, Mission Loc@l was all too happy to oblige with a rather lengthy report that concludes, in so many words, that Murad has either been inappropriately renting Elements' SROs to tourists when he should have been allocating them as long-term rentals to low-income residents— or he's just been filling out his paperwork incorrectly. Bad Gus! A typo here, an illegal rooftop bar there, and bad/late paperwork now? Good thing no one really cares. Then again, hell hath no fury like a Mayor's Office scorned, which mildly puts forward that "mayoral appointees (like Murad) should be treated no differently than any other business owner." Was that a call to order?
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