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Mission vs. Mission

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When the future American Apparel on Valencia was quite ceremoniously shut down, a bunch of people pointed to the further Disney-fication — or Marina-fication, if you'd like — of the Mission. Seems Missionites are still pitting the blue collars against the boutiques in the ongoing war for the neighborhood's soul. Case in point: Japanese denim shop Self Edge, which traffics in the hotness of $300 artisan jeans. Just how "Mission" (whatever that means) can that be anyway, or, phrased another way: how can the owner sleep at night knowing he's "pillaging" money from denim-crazy bike messengers, all while enjoying lunches at "Spruce and Epic Roasthouse and drinks at Clock bar"? Someone has an answer: "passed out on a corner with a construction cone on his head." That's how we do it too. [Mission Mission]