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Are the Roof-Douches of Medjool Long for This World?

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The buzz about the Mish— as the Planning Commission discussed the condos and entertainment venue at New Mission Theater— is that douchiest bar ever Medjool, owned by the same developer, is in violation of planning code for having "what is believed to be the only rooftop bar in the city." On the record, their lawyer says it's legal: "When the (Medjool) project was built, the building and planning permits were authorized and signed by the city." 'Course, the city doesn't always mean to sign off on the things they sign off on, particularly in relation to this developer. It probably also doesn't help that paperwork submitted to the city for the condo project also requested zoning changes for the (supposedly legal) Medjool terrace. So then: smackdown, or another "lucky" break?
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New Mission Theater

2554 Mission Street, san francisco, ca