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Scout's Honor: Exploratorium Promises Not to Hurt Animals

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As the Exploratorium's plans to move to larger digs on the Embarcadero percolate through the system, their environmental impact report says they'll have to slow down a bit to be better neighbors to local marine life. If and when the kiddie science museum moves to Piers 15/17, they'll be expanding their exhibits on water and the bay— but they'll also have to take care not to ruin seals' ears and kill fish by driving steel piles into the bay floor to support their building. The pile-driving will have to be limited to certain months, and so might construction in general, to allow for gulls to nest in spring as usual. Undeterred, the museum is playing good citizen and has agreed to all the construction-limiting measures. Pile-driving sharks will be out, too, but it's for the best.
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