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And the Epic Comment of the Month Award Goes To...

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"Hi! Bree here. I am *so* totally stoked that they won't open an AA in the mission! I am moving up to Frisco in March from Orange County, and totally love that they won't let chains in SF! Me and my friends are totally sick of Malls and Irish bars, *gag* ha ha. It's all, like, superficial and stuff. But not my friends and I, we totally like Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver and graphic design (dude I love Helvetica, it's my favorite font! I have a shirt set in Helvetica of the names of the Partridge Family! SO cool! Have you seen the documentary? So interesting! ha ha), and art and just totally cool stuff. I know what you're thinking, "she likes the OC". I *totally* don't, The City is ok though (is she going to be an uptown socialite, or downtown hipster? OMG I love the guy with the beard! SO hot and interesting!) ..." And so on. Bree, Frisco awaits you. [Store-punting: Nope on American Apparel in the Mish]