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Accidental Gift: New Mission Theater Condos Can Be Taller

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The defunct New Mission Theater got a nice belated Christmas gift from the great political operators of the city last night. The Board of Supes had corrected a clerical error accidentally allowing the site 20 extra feet in height, but Gavin vetoed that— and the Board didn't have enough votes to override the veto. Got that? Doesn't matter. Point is, the condos going next to New Mission Theater can stand tall at 85 feet now due to, as Supe Chris Daly put it, "four votes, a clerical error, and a mayor who has gained politically from the property owner." The project is on record as a rehabilitation of the theater to include "kitchen, dining, and full-bar activities," while the Giant Value next door will get street-level stores and condos on top. For sake of reference, the developer's also the owner of Medjool, the Mission hotspot that took No. 1 in our brother site's "douchiest bar in San Francisco" contest. Do with that what you will.
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New Mission Theater

2554 Mission Street, san francisco, ca